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FaerieCon passes to give away [Nov. 2nd, 2009|08:55 pm]


One of the vendors just sent me some day only passes: 9 for Sunday "Family Day Only", and 1 for Friday, "Preview Day Only." I'm not sure what that means exactly.* But the passes say "Good for $15 discount on Weekend Pass/Passport." Redeem at Will Call.

*(the passes say: For more information, go to "www.faeriecon.com.")

So if anyone wants any of all of these, let me know, and I'll leave them in an envelope for you at the Will Call desk on Friday.


From: posiefairy
2009-11-03 11:45 pm (UTC)
i gave all mine away but had a freiend contact to see if i had any left. let me know whats available and could i see what she needs?
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[User Picture]From: roaming
2009-11-03 11:59 pm (UTC)
I've got all of them left: no one has asked about them. I seem to only have one that says Friday (I culd have sworn there were two in the envelope, hmmmmm.) And 10 for Sunday. I'll probably give them away at the door on Sunday, though that means standing there asking people if they don't have tickets yet and want a free one, which is kind of a pain.

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[User Picture]From: deadgirldev3nt
2009-11-05 04:26 am (UTC)
OMGoddess, would you possibly be willing to commit 2 adult passes out of those on sunday to my seriously poor family??? My daughter just had major surgery a few weeks ago, and said she wants us to be a fairy faname (aka family, she is only 3). I just tried to pull a fast purchase at the website, and was denied even tho in the morning my account is going to have cash in it (dang bank, not allowing overdraft purchases with less than 12 hours btwn business days)
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[User Picture]From: roaming
2009-11-05 04:57 am (UTC)
Sure, no problem. So far no one has asked for any of the 8, so you can have as many as you want. I'll leave them for you in an envelope at the registration desk under the name "deadgirldev3nt". That oughta confuse 'em!
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